For the queer & curious,
From the family that brought you the Adonis at Lowlands Festival. Grooves and disco glitz! Don’t settle for natural, release your supernatural.

See you today at 17.00h. Please read our proud mission statement, we welcome all but aim to be a safe space for the queer community. This means we don’t tolerate hate or prejudice of any kind.
Happy Pride, now and always 🌿🌈
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OTION will also be one of our exhilarating live-acts on August 1st. This multi talented artist brings a stunning mix between music and spoken word poetry, a true treat for both mind & ears.
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Wow, all tickets are gone! It seems like you're as ready as we are to celebrate Pride together. We have a lot in store so watch this space for line up highlights and info. Let's get excited! 🌿 #supernature #pride #soldout #queer #disco #party #summer #festival #paradisegarage #dianaross #studio54

A live performance by the one, the only Amsterdam Italo Goddess? Yes please! She needs no introduction, we are super excited Maxime Duvall joins us on Augsust 1st. Don't sleep on the tickets, last few available!
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Meet our amazing host for Supernature Serving: Pride, @mandywoelkens.
She is a writer and presenter for several Dutch media platforms and has one of the most succesful podcasts out there: Couplegoals.
Join her and our fabulous line-up for our Pride celebrations on August 1st.
Ticketlink in bio. 🌿
Pic by @roeltjevdsb
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Tomorrow we celebrate Pride in so many ways. Being queer in today’s society is sometimes challenging and always political. Therefore we always speak up, we use our voice to protect our folks within the LGBTQIA+ community.
We try to light up the night by playing our music and creating queer spaces.
2 years ago we decided to set up our very own party @thesupernature to add our boogie to the night life and culture. This photo was shot during the first ever edition, bringing back the memories. Ever since it has been an amazing ride together with our main sisters @omgmmiv & @eljany. Highlights only! We can’t wait for tomorrow to gather with queer Amsterdam and be out, about and most of all f*cking PROUD!
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A few tans ago, the world looked way better << to all gorgeous p p party people with a @thesupernature ticket, simply can’t wait to be back at with you 🧡 a night that is dedicated to making the world a prettier place. We need you to reinforce this. Pride y’all 🏳️‍🌈 see you Saturday! #supernature #amsterdampride #prideseason #amsterdam #pride #doppelgang

Pride began with a massive protest this year instead of a festival and that’s a very good thing.
Even though we should (and will) still celebrate our beautiful community this week, this edition of Pride will be remembered for bringing back it’s roots: PRIDE STARTED AS A RIOT. 💥
We have a long way to go before our entire community feels safe, loved and valued and if you are still catching up, NOW is the time to educate yourself. No more excuses, no more fake allyship, no more silence: SPEAK UP! For Black trans people, for femme refugees, for the non-binary & pansexuals, for ALL PEOPLE!
Thank you, @blackqueertransresistance & @naomiepieter for your ongoing presence, I love and support you. ❤️
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Yes, I’ve posted this before as a story, but it’s important to keep active, because this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon 10 times over.
Worldwide we’re celebrating Pride month and intersectionality with our Black & Brown brothers and sisters is something we have to make a mainstay in our fight for equal rights. There is no other way.
Even though we can celebrate small victories, there is so much more to do.
* Get Black history in the schoolbooks in every country!
* Get rid of ‘Black Pete’ not just locally, but nationally.
* Get rid of colonial statues and other material that glorify/mock the slave trade and do nothing to educate.
* Stop racist policies that target poc (@belastingdienstnl are you reading along)
* Put poc in positions of power and decision making. In companies and politics.
* Protect and uplift those who are most vulnerable in both communities: trans and non-binary people. I got you.
Please don’t say silent. Please keep using your voice and your platform. Thank you ❤️
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Education is key. Link in my bio for tips on what else to read or watch.
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Gisteren hebben @jillmathon en ik een open brief geschreven aan @burgemeesterfemkehalsema, om haar te bedanken voor haar keuzes.
De juiste toon is lastig, ivm respect voor de zorg en willen haar ook niet op de voorgrond schuiven als de witte heldin, waar zwarte organisaties al jaren risico nemen. Maar mocht je het er mee eens zijn en een tegengeluid willen geven aan de (rechtse) politiek en media, deel & like. Onze namen hoeven er niet onder. ❤️